Vital Vittles

Vital Vittles is a beloved Berkeley institution that has been making award-winning organic, whole grain bread since 1976. All of the grains, nuts, fruits, and oils in Vital Vittles breads are certified organic. The oil is expeller-pressed and free of GMOs and preservatives.

The company was founded by Joe and Kass Schwin, who were committed to creating a nourishing organic bread that also tasted delicious. Vital Vittles quickly developed a loyal following and became one of Berkeley’s most iconic food brands.

The Schwins had the good fortune of hiring Huong Tran, a Vietnam refugee, to work in the bakery after she arrived in the U.S. in 1981. Trans brought new flavors and a fresh perspective to the Vital Vittles line, garnering awards and accolades along the way. In 2006, the Schwins sold the bakery to Tran and her family.

In 2022, Chef Carlos Altamirano and his wife, Shu, purchased the Vital Vittles production facility to start their own bakery, Alta Mira Baking Company. After seeing how devoted Vital Vittles customers were to the brand, they decided to continue baking Vital Vittles breads.

Vital Vittles now operates under the same roof as Alta Mira Baking at 2810 San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. It is made using the same recipes developed by the Schwins.

The following Vital Vittles breads are available for wholesale orders: